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Hello, my name is William Payne, Realtor and President of Flat Fee Realty in Northwest Arkansas where we specialize in saving people money! ...at least 3% from the commission traditional real estate brokers charged. Please visit the following outline points to see "how" we can accomplish this:

Our Firm's Goal
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William has over 15 years of experience in real estate brokerage with specific expertise in residential and commercial mortgage banking. Previously, William served as a Managing Partner of American Mortgage Associates, a mortgage banking company that he founded, managed and later sold. He also was a partner in a leading real estate brokerage and property management company in Northwest Arkansas. William earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Operations from Manhattanville College. He is a licensed real estate agent in the state of Arkansas and a member of the Arkansas Realtors Association. William is an active tennis player and a member of the US Professional Tennis Association.

Our Firm's Goal

At Flat Fee Realty, our goal is to bring a "NEW" philosophy of buying and selling real estate to Northwest Arkansas. The Real Estate Professionals at Flat Fee Realty know how to maximize the "power" of MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and other state-of-the-art marketing services to deliver "CUTTING-EDGE" value-oriented programs to our area - with great success!

How is this program better?

Instead of charging the traditional 6% commission for MLS services, placing a FOR SALE sign in your yard and hoping someone finds your property listed among all the other shared listings, Flat Fee Realty offers the POWER of MLS - plus, an "à la carte" approach to a "focused" marketing effort, including utilzing the power of the Internet, Direct-Mail, Text-Messaging and many more features that put the power and a variety of options on how to sell your property in your hands!

Our Philosophy:

At Flat Fee Realty, we believe the traditional process of listing and selling real estate using the power of the local MLS Database doesn't require the Seller to pay a 6% commission. We also believe by using today’s online technology, the role of a traditional real estate agent has changed. While the fee (or commission) paid by the Seller is negotiable, a traditional real estate agent attempted to convince you (the Seller) that the amount of time and effort they invested in finding a buyer required a 6% commission.

Here are a couple of facts to consider before you pay another high real estate commission:

90% or more of all buyers find a property by one of three methods:

  1. MLS Listing – An agent working with a buyer sees the property on their local MLS and decides to show your home to their buyer, or
  2. REALTOR.com or Similar Online Listing – A potential buyer sees the property on a website, places a call to an agent and requests to see the property,
  3. Yard Sign – A potential buyer drives by the property while scouting a particular neighborhood in which they would like to live and based on ‘curb appeal’ decide they want to see the property. At that point, they call an agent to show them the property.

As a result of the power of the Internet, the days of a buyer finding a home through expensive newspaper advertisements have disappeared. The majority of homes sold today are sold because of the local MLS listing, a high level of Internet exposure and other online communication along with your yard sign.

Listing your home on the local MLS also allows your home to show up on a large number of websites where local MLS information is displayed. These highly visited real estate websites today include REALTOR.com, Zillow, Trulia and others. Listing you home on the local MLS automatically places your home on ALL of these websites. Along with these websites, "local" real estate companies also retrieve information from the MLS system and display it on their own website. When we at Flat Fee Realty list your home on the MLS it is automatically displayed on hundreds of local real estate company websites - thus maximizing your exposure to every buyer and every real estate company!

Because of today's technology and trends in the market place, along with the growing understanding of buyers to maximize these technologies, Flat Fee Realty has developed a variety of listing programs that offer Sellers the most cost effective way of selling their home, while providing the highest level of representation and expertise. Flat Fee Realty uses a combination of advanced, interactive, web-based, database technologies and other services that provide the most cost effective real estate marketing service in the area.

Flat Fee Realty FULL SERVICE listing programs are easy to use, can save you a lot of money and gives YOU control over the sales process. At Flat Fee Realty, we know that buyers and sellers want more control of their process TODAY - than yesterday - and that is what our system provides... Control! ...We look forward to visiting with you soon at 479-236-4044.

William Payne – Realtor
Flat Fee Realty

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News regarding the benefits of today's technolgy and how Flat Fee Services can save people money over a traditional method of selling your home is MAKING NEWS!

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